Sunday, 3 June 2018

On the run

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would lose

my job at JC. Pen company. I started at the small factory back

when I was in my senior year in high school as a co-op student.

Over the years I have seen many of my fellow co workers come

and go, I have even watched many start their own families while

I remained single and living as a bachelor of my own domain.

That all change one night when I went out for a few drinks with

a few friends from work. That's when I met the love of my life. 

Her name is Lisa, and boy it sure was love at first sight.

There was something about Lisa that told this was the girl I

was met to spend the rest of life with, we dated for over a

year and I was getting close to popping the question to her

really soon.

     Lisa and I where sitting in our living room watching our TV

show, who can cook better. I don't what it is about that show

but it makes Lisa and I crack up laughing all the time with out

fail. Even on our worst days we can always count on who can

cook better to make our day a lot better.

     Lisa had turned in for the night which gave me some time to

think about how I was going to ask her to marry me. I know the

guy is suppose to ask the father of the bride for his daughter

hand in marriage. Since her father pass away before I had the

chance to ask him. My plan was to take Lisa out for a romantic

dinner and have the waiter bring the ring out with the desert,

but then again last time I tried that, Lisa ended up choking on

her promise ring that I bought her few months back.

     I scraped my idea and just settled with dropping down on one

knee and asking her to marry me right in front of the entire

restaurant.  After i was satisfied with my plan, i turn off all

the lights and the TV, and headed up stair's and crawled in to

bed with Lisa. For some reason she always knows when I'm in bed

because she rolls over and wraps her freezing cold arm around

me I guess I'm a human heater according to her.

     I tossed and turned for 5 minutes or so, then fell right to

sleep. Lisa was first to hear the alarm going off. Lisa let me

sleep in for few minutes before coming to wake me up to drive

her to work. It was a good thing that I was off this weekend

which gave me more then enough time to make reservations at for

points stake house.

     Just as Lisa and I were heading out the door, the phone rang,

it was work. Interestingly enough my boss wanted me to come in

for a little bit to talk with me about something. Strangely

enough my boss never calls anyone in when they want to talk you

they normally wait till your scheduled shift.   When I finally got

off the phone, I just sat in the drivers seat looking out the

window, thinking what in the hell is going on at work that my

boss wants me to come in and have a talk with me.

“, babe is everything alright, asked Lisa.”

“, my boss wants me come in and have a talk with me about

something, I replied.”

“, what about babe.”

“, I'm not sure, I didn't do anything wrong and I have been on

time every day this month.”

“, well honey, keep me posted, I want to know what your boss

tells you, Lisa said.”

“, I will sweetie, I replied.”

     I waited till Lisa was safely inside the building before

pulling away.  I had a few things to do before heading in to

work to see my boss. I went to the store and bought Lisa her

coffee creamer and a few other lady products that she had run

out of. I headed in to work, and went right to his office and

knocked on his door. From the other side of door a loud booming

voice said, come in.

“, Sir you wanted to talk to me about something, I said.”

“, Oh Paul come in, please have a seat, my boss said.”

“, sir did I do something wrong, am I in trouble, I asked.”

“, Paul the reason why I wanted to call you is because we are

making some change's at supervisor and I would like you to

take over for Justin.”

“, wow, I really don't know what to say. I mean I need to go

home and talk to Lisa about this, I said.”

“, of course take all the time you need, I will need to know

your answer by the end of the month, said my boss.”

“, will do sir, thank you so much for letting me have this time

to think and talk it over with Lisa.”

     As I walked through the factory I could see Justin in his

office just staring off in to space, like he lost someone that

he was vary close to him. Even through I know that Justin was

losing his job, just so I could have his job. I mean it does

suck that Justin was losing his job and everything, but in a

month or so I was going to take the supervisor's chair away

from one of the more respected supervisors this company has

ever had.

     I stopped by Justin's office to find out when my next shift

was going to be. Justin handed me my shifts on a slip of paper,

I was about to leave when Justin asked me if i had heard the

news about him losing his job.

“, I hadn't heard that news, wow that really sucks Justin, I


“, Glenn said, he wasn't sure who was going to be replacing me, 

but who ever it is will have some big shoes to fill, Justin


“, I bet he or she would have big shoes to fill, how have the

other guys taken the news, I asked.”

“, think they were in shock but it didn't really surprise them

that I was losing my job. After all I'm part of the union guys 

this company wants to get rid off.”

“, I'll get out of your hair Justin, and let you get back to

work, have a good day.”

     Justin wasn't the only union guy that still had a job with Jc

Pen company, myself and several other of the guys in the plant

still had there jobs.  One has to wander if our jobs are next

on the chopping block.

     As I was walking back to my car, I started thinking about what

Justin said about how Glenn and the other higher ups were

seemingly going after all those who were in the union and who

were apart of the newly formed union. I sat in my car for a few

minutes thinking back to all of the guys who had lost their

jobs in the last few months or so, most of the guys who had

lost their jobs where supervisor's. Which made me wander if I

was the next target on the list should Jc. Pen company decided

to do another round of lay offs again.

     When I got home I grabbed a quick shower, and change in to

something nice for our date. Tonight was the night I was

going to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me, and there was

no turning back.

     While I was getting change and getting myself all cleaned up

for Lisa, I received texted from Lisa saying that she was

getting off early from work. Now how was I going to pick up the

ring with out Lisa finding out my plan.

     I sent Lisa a text message saying that I was going to be late

picking her up from work. The hard part of this was now I was

under pressure because I wasn't expecting Lisa to be off this

early in the day, I ran down the stairs and out the door

and jumped in to my car, I took off to the jewellers to pick

up Lisa's engagement ring.

     I had thousands of thought's running through my mind as I

walked in to the jewellers, along with a hundreds of questions

that I had no real clear cut answer to like how was should I

ask her and how should I do it. I waited at the counter for

some one to help me out with Lisa's engagement ring. One of the 

girls came walking out of the backroom over to where I was

standing and asked can I help you with something sir.

“, yes I'm here to pick up a ring for my girlfriend that I

ordered a few weeks ago.”

“, okay do you have the ticket number for your order, asked the  girl.”

“, yes it's right here in my wallet hold on one second while I

get it out here for you, I replied.”

“, would your name be Paul by any chance, asked the girl.”

“, that would be my name, I said.”

“, Alright Paul I'll just polish up the ring and then you will

be on your way.”

     I found it funny that the girl who was helping me out, never

asked me what the ring was for or she already figured it out. I

walked around looking at all of the other rings that were on

display. I was surprised to find that some of the rings were

with in my price range and others well not so much.

“, OK Paul here is your engagement ring, so when are you going

to pop the question.”

“, I'm going to be popping the question tonight while we are at

dinner tonight, I said.”

“, how romantic, so how long have you guys been together,”

“, its been 7 years today actually so I thought it was time

to pop the the question finally.”

“, aww how romantic are you, well I wish you all the best,


“, thank you, for all your help Miss, I replied.”

     With the ring in my pocket, I headed over to pick up Lisa from

work. We still had over and hour in change before our 7 o'clock 

reservation for dinner at the Clear Creek steak house. This was

where Lisa and I had our vary first date and also our first

kiss. Okay I admit it was only on the check but still it was

our first kiss.

     I pulled up to the first red light, and pulled out the ring

that Lisa had gotten from her grandmother after she had died

four months earlier. The ring it self was pure white gold with

a spot for a diamond or another kind of rock that would make

any girls heart skip a beat. I knew how much this ring met to

Lisa.  More importantly Lisa really wanted her grandmother to

be apart of her wedding some how.

     The ring looked exactly like the ring in the picture. Lisa had

showed me this picture a month ago, and you couldn't tell that

the ring had ever lost it's diamond. The good news is that  I

was able to find a diamond that was close to the original

diamond that sat in the centre of her grandmother's ring.














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