Sunday, 3 June 2018

School yard bully

My wife Kathy and I are the proud parents of two

wonderful teenage boys, named Mike and Jacob. Our small

family had just moved to Hammer Island two weeks ago. Mike

was enrolled in to the Hammer high school, his grades that

he had made at his old school where transfer over to Hammer

Island high school, so he did not have to start from

scratch. Jacob was enroled in to Hammer Island St.

Christies middle school, to finish up grade eight he was

one grade away from graduating to Hammer Island high


     The reason why we had to move was because my job had

moved to Hammer Island, although my son’s never liked the

idea of moving to a Island my wife told our boys that this

was the only choice for the time being until thing’s got

settled back in Clear Creek.  My company had just gone

through a ownership change at the top. Our new owners

thought it would be best to move our office’s to Hammer

Island so that way no one had to travel the 3 hours from

Clear Creek to Hammer Island.

     That morning as we were all sitting in the kitchen,

eating our breakfast’s my wife asked our boys how thing’s

went the day before at their new schools. Our youngest son

Jacob told us that he hated his new school, because the kids

there were picking on him, for no reason.”

     As for Mike, things at his new school seemed to be

going vary smoothly, as he had already made three new

friends. Mike was quick to make friends where ever he went.

“, I could get use to living here, it pretty cool, said

Mike.”  “, there is nothing cool about this hell whole, wish

we never had moved here in the first place, replied Jacob.

     My wife and I looked at each other with a complex

looked on our face’s trying to figure out why our younger

son was so eager to get us to move back to clear Creek. Back

in Clear Creek Jacob had been bullied pretty hard, by other

kids and this move was in the best interest for him, not so

much for my Job. I told my wife that I would go in to have a

talk with Jacobs teacher and principal about him being

picked on. “, come on boys lets hurry it up, it’s time to

get going get your lunches and your back packs.

     “, do I have to go to school today, asked Jacob.” “,

buddy what is hiding going to do for you, if you just keep

hiding from your trouble’s, asked Mike.”  “, I wouldn’t have

to put up with those jerks anymore, that’s for sure, replied

Jacob. “, honey your brother is right, you need to start

standing up for your self and not let other kids, push you

around like this, replied Kathy.”

     “, I can’t believe you guys, I have to go to school

every single day and get picked on and have to put up with

being called, fag, queer, or you’re a geek. I hate this city

or town and I hate my new school and I’m not going to school

today, so if you drop me off I will just skip, said Jacob.”

     “, hey looked at me Jacob right now, you are going to

school weather you like or not. I will be talking with your

teacher and principal later today, and if you are not in

class when I’m there you will be living out on the street’s

and I’m not close to kidding with you, I told my son.” After

I had just read the riot act up one side and down the other,

my wife reminded me that our son was only 13 year old but I

told her that, this time his skipping class would have harsh

punishment to it if he did skip school this morning.

     I walked out of the house, and started warming up the

school, when Jacob opened the car door. “, dad I’m begging

you please, don’t make me go to school today, I can’t spend

another day with being picked on. “, enough already, I told

you, you were going to school today, and that I will be

having a talk with your teacher after my meeting this

morning. You had better be there when I arrive, and thats

finale, I said.”

     First to be drop off was Mike “, ok buddy have a good

day at school, hey what time are you coming home tonight, I

asked.”  “, umm I’m not really sure dad, but I’ll call you

and mom if I’m not going to be home for dinner.

     As I pulled away from Hammer high school, Jacob stayed

quit for the whole ride, not one word came out of his mouth.

I pulled up in front of the school, Jacob got out of the car

and never said goodbye or I love you to me, which is fine.

     As I was pulling up to my office, someone came out to my

car to tell me that my son Jacob had just been in a fight

with another student. My  face turned a bright shade of red,

I was so angry that my son would use fighting to solve a

problem. A few minutes later I pulled up in front of the

school. I walked in to the office and told the girl’s that I

was Jacobs father.

     I walked out of the office and waited in the hall way,

when the vice principal walked out his office “, Mr. Parker

sorry I had to bring you in like this, but as you know your

son Jacob was in a fight that has sent another student to

hospital. Basically Jacob is going to be suspended from

school for 2 weeks plus a one month in house detention, said

the vice principal.”  “, that’s all and fine with me, but my

son has been telling my wife and I that he’s being picked on

and called names in the class room.

     “, I can tell you Mr. Parker, that no report from the

teacher, and Jacob has not told us here at the office that

he’s been having trouble with other students, replied the

vice principal.”   I walked in to the vice Principal’s

office where Jacob was sitting in a chair with his head in

between his legs. I looked at him with a vary disappointed

look. “, what in the hell are you thinking, when does

fighting ever solve anything Jacob, I asked.”  “, it’s

doesn’t solve anything dad, but the kid pushed me to far and

I knocked his ass out, said Jacob.

     “, I can’t believe that you would do something like

this, Jacob. You’re ass is so lucky that the other kids

parents did not press charges agenist you for what you did.

You can bet your 13 year old ass that you will be

apologizing for what you did, face to face and to this boys

parents as well. Now get your ass in the car right now, I


     “, Mr. Parker hold on one second please, I have one more

question for Jacob, asked the vice Principal. “, Jacob who

are the boys who are calling you names and picking on you,

asked the vice principal. “, I don’t know their names, but I

know the one kid who just got his ass kicked by me, was one

of them and there are two more, but I don’t know their

names, said Jacob.

     “, thank you for that information, but I will tell you

this Mr. Parker that the school and the board will be taking

a hard a look in to this and those responsible will face the

consequence of their actions, said the vice principal.”

     That night my son and I had it out with one another over

his actions from earlier that day.  Jacob had his reason for

doing what he did, how ever my wife and I like to believe

that our kids were brought up not to fight, and to try and

talk about the problem like grown ups.











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